Find AdBlue in Malaysia for your Vehicle

Adblue Malaysia

AdBlue Malaysia is the country’s preferred portal for finding Adblue suppliers. Emission Control Regulations are still at their initial stages, thus it is not easy to find AdBlue suppliers. AdBlue Malaysia serves this need. The brand has gained the trust of many SCR vehicle dealers and fleet owners due to its exceptional quality and performance. It minimises the harmful Nitrogen Oxide (NOx) emissions from the vehicles’ exhausts and helps diesel vehicles run more smoothly.

What is an AdBlue Solution?

AdBlue is the trademark name for 32.5% urea solution used diesel vehicles’ Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) systems. AdBlue Solution sprayed into the vehicle’s exhaust. The high temperature breaks up the AdBlue Solution into ammonia and carbon dioxide. The ammonia reacts with the harmful nitrogen oxides (NOx) into two safer components; water vapour and nitrogen. 

To meet the strict emission standard of Euro 6, Adblue Malaysia is specially designed to have the full capability to combat and regulate the harmful emissions from the vehicles’  exhaust systems. 

Which diesel vehicles are suitable to use Adblue?

Euro 4, Euro 5 & Euro 6 diesel vehicles with Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) systems will be required to AdBlue

How to properly store Adblue?

It is worth mentioning that the AdBlue solution is sensitive to both extreme hot and cold temperatures. The AdBlue solution freezes once the temperature falls below -11°C. In the same way. This is not an issue for tropical country like Malaysia. 

The AdBlue solution’s effective shelf life is decreased if it’s stored at elevated temperatures. Thus, it is necessary to ensure that AdBlue solutions are kept under shade and away from direct sunlight/heat.