AdBlue Packaging

AdBlue Packaging

AdBlue are available in various packaging ranging from

  • 10L Jerry Can
  • 20L Jerry Can
  • 200L Plastic Drum
  • 1000L IBC Tank

Depending on your diesel vehicle / fleet size, we’ll recommend you correct packaging. AdBlue has an estimated shelf life of 6 – 12 months, depending on how the container is being stored.

Recommended Packaging for You

Based on your diesel vehicle / fleet characteristics we’ll recommend the below packaging.
10L Jerry Can
– diesel car, small van, mini bus
– 1 – 3 diesel vehicles

20L Jerry Can
– tipper truck, refuse truck, prime mover
– 1 – 5 diesel vehicles

200L Plastic Drum
– not recommended, because it’s very prone to contamination due to mishandling of the manual hand pump
– only use this packaging only when other packaging is not possible

1000L IBC Tank
– for fleet owners with 6 or more diesel vehicles
– IBC tank can be placed in a centralised depot for easy filling

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